Artist Yared Nigussu with Canadian commission for unesco

It is a great pleasure and privilege to participate with the Canadian Commission for UNESCO’s Anti- Racism campaign.
March 21st is an international Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.
I hope this campaign play’s a role in bringing people of all races together.
-I try to educate the youth about race and togetherness whenever I get the chance to as they are the fabric of our community.
-Not to stay silent against all forms of racism and being a voice.

Yared Nigussu designed the Canucks Vancouver

The Vancouver Canucks have unveiled their second annual Black History Month jerseys.

The jerseys will be worn during the warm-up period before the game against the Detroit Red Wings on Feb. 13.

The Canucks have unveiled its Black History Month jersey.
The Canucks have unveiled its Black History Month jersey. Vancouver Canucks

“The Vancouver Canucks take an enormous amount of pride in trying to make the game of hockey a more diverse, inclusive, and safe space,” said Michael Doyle, Canucks Sports and Entertainment business operations’ president.

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“Black History Month gives us a tremendous opportunity to showcase and highlight hockey’s ability to bring people together, to educate, enlighten, and more importantly to inspire our fans to see the good in the game.”

This season’s Black History Month jersey is designed by Yared Nigussu, who channeled his Ethiopian-Canadian background to reimagine Vancouver’s threads.

The classic orca logo has the textile designs of Ethiopia, while the shoulder patches display Genna sticks used in traditional field hockey. Each player’s jersey will feature Ge’ez numbering from the Amharic language of Ethiopia as well.

Each player’s jersey will feature Ge’ez numbering from the Amharic language of Ethiopia.
Each player’s jersey will feature Ge’ez numbering from the Amharic language of Ethiopia. Vancouver Canucks

The Canucks’ Black History Month celebrations are part of the NHL and NHLPA’s Hockey is For Everyone initiative.

This season’s Black History Month theme for the league has been named Black Hockey History is NOW, which will highlight contributions and impacts that the present and next generation of Black athletes will have on the game of hockey.

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Throughout the month of February, the Canucks will be amplifying voices within the Black hockey community.

Vancouver has also donated $20,000 to the BC Black History Awareness Society on behalf of the Canucks for Kids Fund to support their efforts in providing educational resources, spreading awareness, and advocating for racial diversity.

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